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On behalf of the Edelweiss Maintenance Commission managers, and Board of Directors, we would like to express our warmest welcome. This packet of information is meant to supplement The Good Neighbor Handbook (which you should have received as a new property owner here in the MethowValley ) with more specific information pertaining to Edelweiss. If, for some reason, you did not receive, or have lost your Good Neighbor Handbook, please call our office (509-996-9897), or the Methow Conservancy (509-996-2870) for a new copy. The Good Neighbor Handbook is a wonderful wealth of useful information for newcomers (as well as "oldcomers") to the Methow Valley , providing guidelines for living with the land, not just on it.



Edelweiss Maintenance Commission is a Homeowner’s Association responsible for the maintenance of the development’s infrastructure. The job of the Commission is to keep the roads, and water system of Edelweiss functioning as efficiently as possible. EMC also maintains the common areas, (meadows, open space, pool, and campground area) to provide aesthetics and recreational use for Edelweiss members and their guests.

Utilities (electric, propane, and phone) are NOT within the realm of Edelweiss responsibility. Okanogan County Electrical/Energy Co-op (509.996.2228), and Centurytel (800.201.4099) manage those areas. Though some lots are connected to the community sewer system, and though Edelweiss collects the hook-up fees for the connection, the system is owned and managed by the Okanogan Department of Public Works (509.422.7300).

For a more complete, specific outline of the Association’s powers, please refer to section 1.9 of the Bylaws, which you can find on our website.


Upper Meadow, photo taken by Karen Reneau






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