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Volunteer Activities



The reason we have been able to reestablish the Edelweiss Trail System is because we have members of this community who are willing to take their time to help create a better environment for all. Dozens of your neighbors have been involved over the years and the work has paid off. If you are one of those volunteers, we want you to know how much your time and effort is appreciated. If you would like to be a new volunteer, there are many ways in which you can help.


Examples of the type of work we do at a trail party:


Most of the activities can be described as “heavy gardening” with hand tools.  Specifically, we need people to help gather materials for the trail construction; haul and spread bark; rake paths; move and place small rocks; cut and clear shrubs; fall small trees; dig up small stumps; put up signage, dig up weeds and grass, or help locate corner markers.


What to bring to a work party:


This varies by every work party but always plan on bringing work gloves and water to drink. Usually we need strong rakes, spades, hoes and one or more wheelbarrows. Sometimes we need to cut small to medium size branches so cutting tools are helpful. There may be times a mattock and weed whacker will be needed.  On rare occasions we have needed a chain saw and equipment to move large logs


Anytime you bring a tool, make sure to mark it. It has been surprising how many tools look alike. Also, only bring tools you are willing to share.


Expectation of time:


Come once or every work party, work one hour or as many as you want. If you don’t want to get dirty then come and bring beverages and goodies for the workers.  Occasionally, there is a requested task that can be done on your own at any time that is convenient to you. 


How else you can contribute:


Contribute chips or logs or other building materials as requested. 

Yearly maintenance is usually simple and adopting a trail would be great.

Let us know how we could improve the volunteer experience.

Help spread the word and encourage other volunteers.

Send your teenage kids to work off some of that uncontrolled energy.



Although supported by Edelweiss staff, most of the construction labor







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