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2012 Update:

We currently have no active work on the trails.  If you are interested in a one-time trail party or organizing the Trailblazer volunteer group, please contact Jan and Will Fohrell at wfohrell@comcast.net.


  Hello to all of you who are interested in Trailblazers.  We are a group of volunteers who live in the community of Edelweiss in the Methow Valley of Washington.  Edelweiss is made up of 550 acres of beautiful terrain that is a nature loverç—´ paradise.  Our volunteers are Edelweiss neighbors who build and maintain a series of short trails in our community. These trails make traveling within the community easier, more enjoyable, and provide a way for neighbors to get to know each other.  As of October 2010, we have completed seven trails adding up to a total distance of  approximately three quarters of a mile.


To become involved in our next event, click on the Events tab above to find the details. To see maps and pictures of our trails or to learn about what volunteers do, make sure to check out the other links on the page.  We look forward to any support and involvement you would like to contribute.


Send us an e-mail if you have any questions.



Jan and Will Fohrell







The trails are designed for all season use








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