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Safeguarding your Home

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Safeguard Your Home

Remember, Edelweiss has NO fire-fighting equipment!

In order to minimize the fire danger to your home and/or property, it makes good sense to observe the following suggestions:

1. Driveways need to be wide enough and accessible enough (no sharp turns, etc.) for emergency vehicles. A fire truck is about 8’ wide so driveways need to be at least 10’ wide. Driveways should be designed to leave adequate room for snow storage when roads are plowed in winter.

2. Do not store firewood or other flammable items on decks or porches near house.

3. Eliminate pine needles, or other flammable materials from under decks/porches.

4. Store flammable or toxic chemicals in areas away from your home.

5. Use metal or other non-flammable roofing material on your home.

6. Use metal or other non-flammable skirting material around your house, and enclose crawl spaces under decks or porches to prevent embers from blowing underneath.

For more tips, see these websites:




EMC's Firewise Information


Call the Twisp Transfer Station (997-2025), or Methow Valley Sanitation (997-8862) for help with your disposal needs.

Building and landscaping materials may be recycled through Methow Resource and Recovery, located on Wagner Road in Twisp.  This year (2010) they plan to be open from May 1 thru Oct 31, Thurs. and Sat. from 10 AM to 4 PM, and sometimes by appointment. Contact them at 509-997-5643.   










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