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Recycling Program

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 Recycle bins

Edelweiss has completed a pilot program to promote recycling in our community.  As of the beginning of 2011 we concluded that it was worth continuing the program with the hope that it will become self-sustaining by reducing the volume of trash in our dumpsters.  We are also hoping that the decreased amount of trash will help to reduce those costs of the recycling effort.  The Board of Directors has voted to continue the recycling program, at no additional cost to the membership, until the end of 2011.  At that time we will assess the costs of recycling vs. the cost of trash pickup, and plan for 2012 accordingly.

Currently we accept:

Flattened, corrugated cardboard; aluminum cans; tin cans; #1 and #2 plastic; newspaper; white paper; magazines, and miscellaneous 'other' paper.  At this time, we are not accepting glass of any kind; however you may contact Methow Recycling Roundup for information on glass recycling.  

Please deposit all recycling material in the open shed next to the garbage enclosure.

For more information, contact us at: Recycle@edelweissmethowvalley.org

Our recycler is: Methow Recycling Round-up

or visit: Methow Recycles







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