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Linda McWhirter , Admin Mgr, Retired

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Linda’s Retirement Party

Linda McWhirter: Administrative Manager (Retired Feb. 2010)

We hope you’ll enjoy some photos from Linda’s surprise retirement party, held at the Edelweiss pool this summer. 

Linda and her husband, Larry moved to the Methow Valley in 2002 after retiring from their careers in teaching. Like many who move here, Linda worked a variety of jobs after arriving, including Wildhearts Nursery, the Headstart Preschool, Housewatch, as well as doing rental and residential cleaning. In 2004 she began doing office/bookeeping work for Edelweiss shortly after Phil Heitman asked her to serve on the Edelweiss Board of Directors. After serving her term she stepped down from the position since she didn't think it a good idea to be her own employer.

Linda says, “It has been a wonderful experience these last 6 years living here and making so many wonderful new friends as well as learning new job skills. (You CAN teach an old dog new tricks!)  She sends, “a very heartfelt thank you to all who planned, participated in, contributed toward, or in any way had anything to do with the wonderful surprise party at the pool. I was blown away, VERY surprised, and very touched.  Thanks so much for the effort and for being there, or just wanting to be there. I will now be very suspicious when my family insists that we get to a potluck right on time!  I love Bob Cram’s caricature of me. So very cool!!!!!  And the foot massager.......well....I am at a loss for words!   :)

Love you all and thanks again. It meant a lot to me.” 


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Linda with Bob Crams' caricature of her

Seated facing the camera:  Jill & Larry Miller, Victoria & Dell Schweitzer, Ralph Gandy.  Carol Volckmann facing Ralph in her sun hat.

Linda and her daughter Heather with Larry & Jill Miller.

Daughter Heather, son Jason and husband Larry, had the daunting task of getting Linda to the party without tipping her off that the party was for her.

L to R: Lucinda Mc Allister, Linda McWhirter, Karen Reneau and Pat Leigh

Good food and live music was enjoyed by all.

Alex Hall, Martha and CP Grosenick enjoy the music of Melinda and Celeste in the background.  Music was provided by, "The Klister Sisters and the Wax Coach", Celeste and Kip Roberts and Melinda Oakley.

Wayne and Doris Heigel in the foreground.   Background left to right:  Kister sisters, Will and Jan Fohrell, Dave Ness.

Dick says, "Thank you and we'll miss you Linda!"

Everyone was so pleased that the party was a total surprise.

Facing camera, L to R:  Claire Bunney, Larry McWhirter, Lucinda Mc Allister, Pete Speer, Mike & Pamela Corpman, Virginia King and Karen Godman

Taking advantage of this wonderful opportunity to enjoy each other's company.

L to R:  Del Schweitzer, Linda McWhirter, Dick Volckmann









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