Please take a moment to communicate to the Edelweiss Board any business skills and special abilities you may wish to share with the community.

Please list your professional skills:

Please list any special interest or abilities you may have.

Would you be interested in serving on the board at some time in the future?  

Would you be interested in volunteering for a committee like long range planning, community hiking trails, hiking bridge repair, or others as they may occur?  

Do you have any observations about the community and the way it operates that you would like to share with the board?

Do you have any questions for the president: If so fill out the next section with your phone number and I will contact you.


Name_______________________ Address_____________________________________


Phone___________________ Email___________________________________________

Email it or USPS Mail to: EMC, PO Box 846, Winthrop , WA 98862-9771

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