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Guidelines For Use of Off Road Vehicles in Edelweiss
(Adopted Spring 1998. Updated July 21, 2010.)

1) Recreational Use: Please do not use the area within the Edelweiss community boundaries as a site for recreational use of off road vehicles. This includes the campground area, the meadows and other common areas, the trails that meander through the community, and the roads.

Reasons: The use of motorized vehicles for recreation (sometimes at high speeds) in the same areas where children, pets, wildlife, and members walk, rest, and play creates far too much potential for accidents. In addition, the entire reason many people have invested in our community -- financially and emotionally -- is to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from lack of city-related safety risks, noise and pollution. It is relatively simple to enjoy off-road vehicles in other nearby areas, but impossible for members to move their piece of land to a quieter, safer spot.

2) Use for Transportation: Vehicles licensed for street use may of course use the roads. As with any vehicle, please remember that many people walk and exercise on the roads, and that the speed limit in Edelweiss is 15 m.p.h. Vehicles not licensed for street use may use roads only in emergencies (see below), and may not use the other areas of Edelweiss (common meadows, campgrounds, community trails, etc.) for any reason, with one exception; the EMC Management Team is authorized to use unlicensed vehicles in Edelweiss for maintenance purposes.

Reasons: Licensed vehicles have met safety and pollution standards, and are considered essential for transportation. The Edelweiss roads are maintained for these licensed vehicles. Small, unlicensed recreational vehicles, some of which can be operated by under-age drivers, are not safe to operate on the same roads with licensed vehicles. They also contribute to the noise and air pollution so many members are concerned about, and they are not allowed in the common areas for the same reasons described in Guideline #1, Recreational Use.

3) Use in Emergencies: Off road vehicles may be used on Edelweiss roads when a member must get from point A to point B in an emergency and no other method is reasonable or available.

Reasons: The original use of some off road vehicles (i.e., snowmobiles was to transport people when no other vehicle could do the job. They can be lifesavers when roads are impassible to cars.

The Board asks that you follow these guidelines for the safety and well being of others. Members are responsible for notifying their tenants and guests. We know how much fun off road vehicles can be, but they are the most fun when used in areas designated for them, where you do not have to worry about accidentally hitting a child or disturbing neighbors.

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                                             Revised: 07/25/2010