Form B / Construction Agreement

For Alteration/Remodel 

Edelweiss Architectural Committee,  PO Box 846, Winthrop, WA  98862

As an Edelweiss homeowner requesting an alternative/remodel to the home at homesite # _____________, I/we have read the current Edelweiss Architectural Control Committee Manual and the submittal form and fully understand the requirements of this construction submittal.

Enclosed is an application fee of $__________.

I/We understand that any change in the exterior design and/or construction from the original submittal will be submitted to the Architectural Control Committee for acceptance.  I/we understand that the EMC and the EMC Architectural Control Committee have no responsibility or liability for the following:

a.  The structural capacity, safety features, or building codes compliance of the proposed improvements or structures.

b.  The location of the proposed improvement or structure on the building site as it relates to boundary lines, easements, and setbacks.

c.  Possible geological or natural hazards, or other possible hazards, caused by conditions occurring either on or off the property.

d.  The internal operation or functional integrity of the construction/improvement.

e.  General land use requirements and building codes established by Okanogan County or other agencies.

Signatures (all owners required)

____________________________________________________ Date _________________

____________________________________________________ Date _________________


Date Application Received ________________________  Check # ______________________

Date Plans Received _____________________________

Date Committee Met _____________________________ Committee Members in Attendance



Action: _____________________________________________________________________


Follow Up Review: _____________________________________________________________


Date of Final Letter: _____________________________________________________________